“I think where my focus is right now is love, truth, and justice. You can’t have justice without any of that.”

An Edmondson Village native, Larry Simmons was introduced to advocacy at a young age. He credits his parents’ civic engagement and involvement in the Citizens Democratic Action Organization, led by former Maryland State Senator Larry Young, with his passion for community leadership and organizing today. From working his first job as a group leader at the Harlem Park YMCA, since the age of 21 Larry has been working with Baltimore youth and families to enhance their well-being and create access to resources that advance their quality of life.

“We do a lot to community but not enough with community […] with this work you really have to come from a place of love. It is about compassion and love and taking care of each other. This is the only way I know how to take care of my community.” says Larry.

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